Top android apps related to Holi festival

Every day, we move one step more closer to future, that is no other than digital innovations and information technology. We have shifted from physical books, newspapers, novels to digital copies. As I can remember in my childhood, we go to each relative on day of Holi to wish them and greet them. Now a days, with simply using WhatsApp you send awesome wishes to loved ones.

That’s the power of technology!

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Similarly there are some applications ae published on android play store that are dedicated to this color festival. Few of them are listed below:

Holi Photo Frame:

This app places a colorful overlay on your face and even full picture. You can make awesome photos and share with loved ones.

Happy Holi Video Maker:

This app also places color gradient overlays but in videos. It is going to convert your simple videos to Holi themed videos. Colorful stickers, intros, lower thirds are main attraction of this app. Although it is not much famous but it deserves an install.

Holi Photo Editor:

As the name suggests, this app adds image elements and props related to holi. Funky images can be generated if you spend some time on that app.

Conclusion: As everything is going to digitalize, so why not you? Test these apps and enjoy! In last, I would say Happy Holi to readers!


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