Tritown, Yamaha’s amazing electric tricycle

Introduced in 2017 in the form of a prototype, the Yamaha electric tricycle whose front wheels are articulated by a parallelogram is subject to a test in real conditions that prefigure its marketing.

In 2017, Yamaha had blown Tokyo Motor Show visitors with three bold concepts. There was the Motoroid, an electric motorcycle that balances and controls itself and the Motobot, a humanoid robot capable of driving a YZF-R1M up to 228 km / h. And then there was a curious two-wheeled electric scooter dubbed Tritown. Although less spectacular than the two motorcycles, this machine was nonetheless very interesting by its tilting system coordinated by a parallelogram that allows you to take turns using your body, as is done on motorcycle or bicycle.

Almost two years later, Yamaha returns with the evolution of Tritown that he began to test in real conditions in Japan since April. The stated goal is to achieve a marketable serial model. The Tritown is equipped with an electric motor housed in the hub of the rear wheel. The lithium-ion battery is installed in the frame, between the two footrests on which the pilot stands.

The Yamaha Tritown and its parallelogram tilt system. The two front wheels have an independent journey which also allows absorbing the irregularities of the roadway. © Yamaha

Tritown accelerates up to 25 km / h

The Tritown is just over one meter long for 40 kg. It accelerates up to 25 km / h by means of a trigger located on the right handlebar. When stopped, the tilt system is mechanically locked so that it can be mounted on the footrests. For now, Yamaha has not provided any details on engine power and battery life. With three wheels larger than those of an electric scooter, the Tritown seems more stable and secure.

A new test phase in real conditions began in mid-July in a park in the city of Nagaoka, Japan, where the curious can rent a Tritown for an hour of the ride. The manufacturer says it wants to store user feedback to move towards a marketable product. But no launch date has been communicated yet.