Turbo Creo SL: An electric bike weighing less than 12 kg and 195 km of autonomy

The American brand Specialized has launched a new electric road bike with exceptional technical characteristics: less than 12 kg and up to 195 km of autonomy. Prepare to break your bank account if you intend to offer it.

In this period of Tour de France, Specialized has chosen to launch its brand new electric road bike. The Specialized Turbo Creo SL is a machine that announces very high performance. At his handlebar, Specialized promises to be ”  as fast as a cyclist of the Tour de France  ” and to make you ”  climb the mountains as if the earth was flat”.

Just that! That said, at $ 9,000 for the “basic” model ( Turbo Creo SL Expert ) and $ 16,500 for the limited edition of 250 ( S-Works Turbo Creo SL – Founder’s Edition ), the brand can put a good dose marketing level.

Although it is an elitist machine for wealthy fans, we wanted to put a spotlight on this beautiful piece of engineering. At first glance, nothing suggests that we are in the presence of an electric bike as the 320 Wh battery hidden in the lower tube and the engine integrated into the bottom bracket are not noticeable.

A 240-watt motor signed Specialized

We are obviously on a carbon frame FACT 11r with integrated duct passage, including hydraulic disc brakes. The 240- watt SL 1.1 electric motor, designed by Specialized, is used in three modes (eco, sport, and turbo). It incorporates an ANT + wireless sensor and weighs only 1.95 kg for a torque of 35 Nm. Not enough to make lightning starts in the ascent of a collar. 

But this is not the vocation of the Turbo Creo SL which focuses primarily on its slenderness and autonomy for long-term outings. Specialized announces 12.2 kg and 130 km for the SL, Expert and Evo models and 11.9 kg, and up to 195 km for the Founder’s Edition.

An exceptional bike that will pay a high price for the privileged few who can offer it from this autumn. But it is also thanks to this kind of non-standard machine that the technologies progress and can then spread on more accessible models.