Twin River: Intel’s dual-screen laptop

Number one processor, Intel imagines tomorrow’s laptop with a second screen to replace the keyboard, but also new materials such as Lycra-based fabric. Before this project comes on the market, Microsoft will have to modify Windows to adapt to this second screen.

The computer’s laptop with two screens is in the spotlight this year. After the Asus ZenBook and HP ‘s Omen X 2S , it’ s Intel ‘s turn to introduce a dual – screen machine. Unlike its rivals, who have integrated a second smaller screen next to the keyboard, Intel has decided to completely replace the keyboard to integrate two identical screens.

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Intel demonstrated its new concept, dubbed Twin River, at the Computex high-tech show in Taiwan. It incorporates two identical 12.3-inch screens displaying a definition of 1,920 x 1,280 pixels, housed in a fabric frame, made with a blend of polyester, polyamide, and Lycra. It is for the moment a simple concept, but that could come on the market in a year or two. Intel said that Microsoft would have to make changes to Windows to properly support two-screen computers.

A powerful device with passive cooling

The Twin River uses a four-core U-Series Whiskey Lake processor, with fanless cooling, based on a steam chamber system. To avoid having a thicker base, the motherboard is divided between the two halves of the device. The processor, the storage, and the RAM being behind the screen of the top, while the connections and the network elements are behind the display of the bottom.

For those who have doubts about writing with a virtual keyboard on a touch screen, Intel also includes an ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard, which can fit between the two screens just like a bookmark.