Twitter used personal data for advertising

The social network has recognized that email addresses and phone numbers provided by users to secure their accounts by dual-factor authentication have been crossed with advertisers’ marketing files to target their ads.

Twitter apologized on Tuesday for “inadvertently” using phone numbers and email addresses for advertising purposes while this personal information was only meant to keep the accounts safe. These numbers and addresses, which users give to authenticate on the platform, have been correlated with data held by advertisers to allow them to advertise specifically.

This data collected for security ”  could be used, inadvertently, for advertising purposes,” acknowledged the social network in an online statement. ”  It was a mistake and we apologize. “

Twitter does not know how many people are concerned

The California company said it was difficult to know how many people were affected by the problem, which was repaired in mid-September. ”  We are really sorry about what happened and we are taking steps to make sure this does not happen again,  ” said Twitter.

Privacy and respect for personal data has become a hot topic for digital platforms like Twitter and Facebook, after scandals that have weakened public confidence and led regulators in many countries to take action.