USB 4 is coming! What will it change?

The USB Promoter Group unveiled the specifics of the next USB protocol. It builds on the qualities of the Thunderbolt 3, developed by Intel and Apple.

At the intersection of USB and Thunderbolt , there will be USB 4. Supported by the largest giants of computing such as Microsoft or HP ,  the USB Promoter Group has just published the specifications of the new standard, and if the architecture is based on USB 3.2, the great novelty – and even great (r) evolution – is that it introduces the specificities as well as the strengths of the Thunderbolt 3, such as the transfer and exchange of flows different (images, data …) at high speed .

Developed by Intel and Apple, this standard offers up to 40 Gbps of transfer speed on USB-C type cables . By taking advantage of this specificity, the USB 4 (and not USB 4.0) will open it to all machines and all operating systems ; for manufacturers, it is the prospect of developing new products for new uses. Another advantage is the compatibility with different display formats, graphics cards and screens, but also, charging via the USB port with the USB Power Delivery protocol.


In the trade since 2021

Based on USB 3.2, the new standard will allow backward compatibility with older USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 devices, and we are moving towards a universal standard for Mac and PC universes through USB cables. -C. What many claimed, industrial as users.

Only downside, it will not be for now because we talk about the second half of 2019 for this standard is finally adopted, and the year 2021, so that the first devices with this chip out in the trade. For manufacturers, the fact that  the USB Promoter Group integrates the Thunderbolt 3 in this standard means, at the same time, that they will no longer have to pay royalties to Intel and Apple, owners of this innovation. The future will tell if this translates into cheaper products …