Very Little Nightmares the prequel arrives on mobile

Bandai Namco is a major player in mobile gaming. The publisher offers various titles to several successes and intends to capitalize on it. For this, he does not hesitate to rely on successful licenses such as Little Nightmares with his new title: Very Little Nightmares.

The little girl with yellow wax will return to your small screens for new adventures. Building on its success for classic platforms after foiling the dark designs of a morbid world, Studio Alike is developing what will be its prequel. For now, nothing specific has been unveiled on Very Little Nightmares except a teasing video.

Very Little Nightmares will be available on iOS and maybe Android

In the manner of an Inside, the universe of Little Nightmares plunges us with a frail character able only to hide and escape the danger that pursues her. According to the video presentation, Very Little Nightmares should have the same type of gameplay but obviously optimized for use on a smartphone. 

As usual, armed with his lighter, you will have to solve course puzzles to escape each monster. In terms of artistic direction, the video shows us a fully drawn style with a view over your heroine.

As for the gameplay, obviously, everything is thought for mobile players. You control the young lady with the fingertip, you can move the elements of decor that will bother you. 

Thanks to the prequel, you will learn more about the story of the Six and why they are fleeing this universe. At present, it is possible to pre-register on the site of Bandai Namco. 

For the moment, the only people concerned are the owners of Apple smartphones since the game will only be available on iOS. Regarding Android, for the moment nothing is on, it will probably wait.