Volkswagen offers to transform your Ladybug into an electric car

The German manufacturer has just presented its electric conversion kit for the venerable Beetle. The transformation will take place in the workshops of its eClassics partner in Germany.

Here is a news that will delight, or perhaps thrill, the fans of the Volkswagen Beetle. The German brand will launch an electric conversion kit for the good old “Cox”. A first prototype of the E-Beetle will be exhibited at Auto Show in Frankfurt opens its doors next week.

The kit has been designed from the components of the VW e-up! to which he borrows the electric motor, the 1- speed gearbox and the battery system. The conversion of the Ladybug will be handled by eClassics, a Volkswagen partner based in Renningen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

The electric platform of the e-Ladybug is inherited from the VW e-up!  © Volkswagen

Other historic Volkswagen could take advantage of this platform

In terms of performance, the electric motor develops 60 kW or 82 hp, which allows the e-Beetle to reach a top speed of 150 km / h and swallow the 0 to 50 km/h in less than four seconds and this despite a weight of 1.2 tons. The modified Ladybug receives 14 lithium-ion modules housed in the floor that provide 36.8 kWh. The announced range is 200 kilometers,”  a comfortable distance for a day of relaxation in an electrified collection car,” believes Volkswagen.

The German brand puts forward the fast charge system which allows restoring 150 kilometers of autonomy in one hour. For the moment, neither the price nor the availability of this conversion kit has been communicated. The Frankfurt trade fair should be an opportunity to find out more. 

Volkswagen suggests that other historic vehicles could benefit from this electrification platform, citing the example of the famous VW Combi and an “e-Porsche 356”. That could give ideas to other manufacturers to do the same with their iconic models.