Watch Gundam, the world’s largest robot, take its first steps

Yokohama, a Japanese port city, is currently hosting the construction of the world’s largest robot, which will be 18 meters tall. A new video shows the engineers of Gundam Factory Yokohama testing the movements of this robot straight out of an animated series.

Fans of the Gundam series  can rejoice, their favorite robot will soon be a reality. The city of Yokohama in Japan is currently hosting the construction of a giant 18-meter robot by Gundam Factory Yokohama. He is not a simple statue, since all his joints will be functional and he is already able to move his chest and legs.

Giant 60-Foot-Tall 'Gundam' Robot Takes Its First Steps in Japan

In a video posted to YouTube , it is possible to see the engineers performing a motion test of the robot , which first leans its torso forward, then bends and advances one leg. A further video oldest shows the initial stages of the project, including the first attempts to run the fingers of one hand.

A functional robot with articulated fingers

From the images, the robot looks almost complete. All he needs is his head and his hands. It will weigh 25 tons, and have a total of 24 degrees of freedom, which should allow it to walk. According to Jun Narita, the head of the robot’s hand design, engineers were forced to pay special attention to the materials and motors used to limit weight. A single hand measures more than two meters between the wrist and the fingertip. With standard materials, it would weigh over 600 kilograms , but engineers had a maximum limit of 200 kilograms.

The finalization of the robot and the presentation to the public were initially planned for October 2020. However, a message on the Gundam Factory Yokohama website indicates that the event has been postponed and should take place “within the year”, without further details for the moment.