WhatsApp Brings Users Closer to their Loved Ones in Quarantine Days

WhatsApp now offers the option of video calling or conferencing between eight people instead of four on its platform.

Earlier, WhatsApp and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tested it last week, after which the number of participants in the WhatsApp video has been officially increased to eight at a time.

According to WhatsApp, due to the global epidemic of code 19, friends, loved ones and relatives are far away from each other and since then, voice and video calls on WhatsApp have increased. Group calling is very useful in this regard as many people can communicate with each other at the same time. That is why the number of participants has now been increased to eight.


According to WhatsApp, just like text messaging, video calling and conferencing also ensure full encryption from one end to the other. WhatsApp users now belong to developing countries who want to communicate with each other cheaply.

During the quarantine, WhatsApp video calling from users around the world is increasing and in view of this, the number of these video callers in WhatsApp has been increased. According to some statistics, WhatsApp’s calling has increased 10 times.

However, for this feature of WhatsApp, a new version of the app has to be installed.