Who is using your Photo on Facebook?

Facebook is being expanded based on Art Fiction Anti-Sex on its platform. In this case, a new feature is working on Facebook, which will inform you when your face is up on Facebook.

In this case, three powerful alignment ideas have already been presented, one of the bad things to say to the people what is in the picture, if the other person falsifies your profile picture or If you make a purchase, Facebook will let you know it.


The most critical algorithms in them note using artificial intelligence is that when someone uploads his photo on Facebook, he will inform you if you have been informed about the tag or not. Have gone

The first of them is very good, through which affected victims will also be able to know the picture of the picture, while in other options, the people will be grateful to the efforts.

Your third image will not be uploaded anywhere without permission. The audience says that this feature will be useful for women whose pictures are spread without social consent on social media.