Windows 10: receive your Android calls on PC with the “Your phone” app

The next Windows 10 update will include a new version of the application that will link Android phone to Windows. On the menu, the long-awaited arrival of phone calls.

Over the months and updates, the Your Phone app will soon match the features of iMessage and FaceTime which are very useful for those who use an iPhone with a Mac, both to send SMS but also to receive messages. calls. After integrating SMS, notifications and photo sharing, this application for Windows 10 will soon be able to call and receive calls from any Android device.

No need to have your phone at hand since it’s Windows 10 that “ring”, and the combination of microphone and speakers can turn it into hands-free. For the moment, it is a beta version and it will be necessary to wait for the spring 2020 update to take advantage of it, but it is very promising.

Today, the application knows how to manage all mobile notifications to display them on Windows 10 and soon phone calls.  © Microsoft

It will work with Android 7 and later

According to Microsoft, who posted the ad on his blog, it will be possible, from his computer, to answer or refuse a call. We can also make calls from his contact list. We can also send an incoming call to his mailbox or set up a kind of autoresponder with the sending of an SMS. On the computer, you can also view the call history, and switch a call to his phone.

To enjoy it, you do not need to have a very recent smartphone since Microsoft announces that it will work on team models of Android 7 and later, and that it will be sufficient to have a Bluetooth connection on your computer and on your smartphone. Suffice to say that it concerns the world, and it will be available from Windows Store for installation on the PC, and from the Play Store to install on the phone.