Woman turned a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup

The YouTubeuse Simone Giertz was a nice pub while having fun converting a Tesla Model 3 into a pick-up. The result is rather successful.

Elon Musk and Tesla are expected to launch an electric pickup truck based on the Tesla Semi electric truck. But it will probably wait a few more years before seeing it on the roads. Except that Simone Giertz did not want to wait so long. She has therefore embarked on a project of tuning for the least audacious: turn a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck or rather a “Truckla” as she nicknamed his creation.

This Swedish video blogger is known for her delusional inventions, like her helmet to distribute popcorn, a drone to carry babies (a doll, do not worry) or a robot ridiculous enough ridiculous. But, for his pick-up project, Simone has put aside the colloquies and has surrounded himself with several specialists to make his bet.

Ten days of work to create the “Truckla”

The entire rear half of the crate was exposed before cutting began, removing the top flush with the rear doors and the tailgate. This followed a reinforcement work using a tubular structure to prevent the frame and the box from deforming. 

A partition with bezel was recovered from another pickup and fitted just behind the front seats. For the adventurous and practical side, Simone and her acolytes added a gallery. Finally, our genius handymen have added a power outlet to connect power tools.

In the end, the “Truckla” looks pretty good and would certainly find buyers. But this is just a delusion and Simone Giertz does not intend to compete with Tesla! She obviously finds it more fun to parody the Marlboro Man commercials and to be proud to own the world’s first Tesla pickup truck.