Zenbook Pro Duo: Asus puts two screens on his laptop

As part of the Computex, Asus created the event with several laptops equipped with a second touch screen. The Zenbook Duo range offers two models, at 1,500 and 3,000 euros, with a touchpad offset on the side to make room for this second screen.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the manufacturer Asus has announced a new series of computer laptops. They all have the distinction of integrating a second screen in the keyboard part. For most models, this is the ScreenPad 2, the second generation of a kind of smartphone screen under the keyboard that also acts as a touchpad.

The ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 stands out from these models with its ScreenPad Plus, a different approach that is reminiscent of HP’s Omen X 2S. This second screen is located above the keyboard, and occupies the entire width as the main screen, but with only half the height. 

This PC has a 15.6-inch main display with an Oled 4K UHD display (3.840 x 2.160 pixels ), while the ScreenPad Plus is a 14-inch IPS display, also with a 4K resolution (3.840 x 1.100 pixels), the vertical definition being divided by half.

A high-end notebook

The ZenBook Pro integrates a processor up to an Intel Core 9 the generation i7-9750H or i9-9980HK, up to 32GB of RAM, a GeForce RTX 2060, and a connection WiFi 6. It also features a unique touchpad on the side, which turns into pad digital. It will be available at the end of August for 2,999 euros.

Asus has also created a second model, the ZenBook Duo (UX481), slightly smaller and ultraportable version. It has a 14-inch Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels) main screen, a 12.6-inch ScreenPad Plus, an Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card and up to 16 GB of RAM. For this model, a little more affordable, count 1,499 euros.